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Smart Home Ideas

Intelligence is everywhere, from large shopping malls to public/private/government organizations, even at our homes. It is no longer a dream that people can have an smart home where they can be relieved from the fussy housework. Many household tasks were automated by the development of special appliances. For instance, automatic washing machines were developed to reduce the manual labor of cleaning clothes, and water heaters reduced the labor necessary for bathing. However, now we can go even further with Smart Home Ideas & Solution, which helps realize the intelligent control of lighting, curtains, home environment, electronic appliances as well as the door access and Smart Home Design.



Smart Home Ideas Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2013 to promote Smart Home and its ideas to Malaysian. A fully owned business by three aggressive young entrepreneur with their individual professionalism background to promote Smart Home Ideas, design and products that enjoyed growth from a basic range of home Kitchen and Bathroom products to advance technology electronic Home automation about control electrical, electronics, security and entertainment at a touch of a finger, all working from remote control.

Home Automation is all about transforming your existing home to an automated home to suite your living style, bring comfort, safety and the most important creating a peace of mind knowing that your home is secure while you are home or away, family and loved ones are safe and sound.  

With a minimal cost, you can  transform your home to be fully automated, save energy and high utility bills.  This is our gift to you to do your share to SAVE THE PLANET.

We will share our brilliant ideas on "how to" build an automated and a SMART home. 

Let us build you a Smart and Automated home to enjoy a peaceful surrounding. 

Imagine turn on and off, lights, security system and even the sprinkler system by a voice command, even miles away from home.

Take the first step,  automate your home  to gain a peaceful mind and comfortable living style.Before we promote further electronic products and Smart Home Ideas, we share the quality products and design for our Kitchen and Bathroom.



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